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Introducing the non-surgical eyelid lift

August 13,2018 | Posted by: CMC

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, but a new range of non-surgical …

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Banish the winter blues by boosting skin hydration

August 06,2018 | Posted by: CMC

Winter might mean woolly hats and trips up the Snowy Mountains, but it can also equal dull, dehydrated skin. Constantly …

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Here’s why winter is the perfect time for laser hair removal

June 26,2018 | Posted by: CMC

With our bikinis packed away and the winter woollies out in force, thoughts of undergoing laser hair removal can quickly …

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When you change your mind about your permanent makeup

May 16,2018 | Posted by: CMC

With daily life more hectic than ever before, many people are turning to cosmetic tattooing as a way to ‘wake …

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The best ways to treat skin with sun damage

March 20,2018 | Posted by: CMC

Considered one of the most successful health campaigns in Australia’s history, it seems the ‘slip, slop, slap’ message should by …

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Clear skin is always in with IPL

February 12,2018 | Posted by: CMC

With one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world, Australians have good reason to be wary of the …

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Introducing Tensage with stem cell technology

January 08,2018 | Posted by: CMC

From a loss of elasticity to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ageing skin is easy to spot. But …

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Focus on fillers

December 17,2017 | Posted by: CMC

While fine lines and wrinkles have long been viewed as the primary signs of ageing, we now know that facial …

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Defy time with DNA skincare

November 17,2017 | Posted by: CMC

With summer fast approaching, sun protection should be even more at the forefront of every Australian’s mind. But if your …

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Restore your complexion with skin resurfacing

October 09,2017 | Posted by: CMC

The skin is constantly exposed to toxins, pollution and the harsh Australian sun, often resulting in dark spots, wrinkles and …

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The latest technology in tattoo removal

September 12,2017 | Posted by: CMC

Unwanted tattoos? Until now, tattoos were a lifetime commitment and, regrettable or not, the design was there to stay. However, …

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The treatment that stops excess sweating

August 02,2017 | Posted by: CMC

Summer is just around the corner, bringing longer days and warmer weather. But if you’re one of the 650,000+ Australians …

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