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April 20,2020  |  Posted by: CMC

Important Questions about Thread Lift Procedures Answered

Allure magazine called a thread lift treatment the new facelift procedure. Thread lift treatments gained popularity a few years ago when they were first endorsed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. At the time, thread lifts were still considered somewhat controversial since the technology wasn’t perfected. Advancements have contributed to the enhancement of the procedure, making it a highly demanded one.  So what exactly is it and can you benefit from a thread lift? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of thread lift procedures.


How Does the Thread Lift Procedure Work?

This is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that has temporary threads used to visibly lift the skin.

To put it in simpler terms, those who get a thread lift will have medical-grade threads inserted across the cheek, neck and other areas in need of some lifting. Once inserted, these threads will be pulled up, giving the patient the desired outcome.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the thread lift procedure triggers a natural healing response. The skin in the affected area produces more collagen and collagen is precisely what’s needed to ensure a youthful appearance. Collagen makes the skin denser and more elastic, which contributes to long-lasting results after the thread lift is done.

Unlike a traditional facelift, a thread lift doesn’t necessitate anaesthesia.  A local anaesthetic will be utilised to numb systemic the treated facial region and the entire procedure will be over within an hour.

One new technology that has made thread lift procedures a lot safer and less invasive is the discovery of absorbable threads. These are broken down by the body in a safe, completely natural manner. Thus, the threads do not interfere with other procedures you may want to have done in the future and the thread lift itself can be repeated.


Who’s an Ideal Thread Lift Candidate?

If you are considering a thread lift treatment, you’ll need to see a cosmetic doctor to discuss the option. Doctors assess patients in advance to determine their suitability for one procedure or another.

Ideal candidates for the thread lift treatment include:

  • People who have minimal signs of aging to address – some sagging and the formation of fine lines
  • Ideal for both men and women in the 35 to 65 age range
  • Those who have had a previous face lift and who are starting to see the effects of that procedure wearing off
  • People who aren’t interested in more invasive procedures like a face lift

It’s very important for patients to also have realistic expectations about the thread lift.

A thread lift will not deliver the same results as a traditional face lift. The outcome will be less pronounced and you’re not going to immediately shave 20 years off your face. Thus, a cosmetic doctor will make sure that you’re aware of exactly what you can expect from the procedure before getting started.


How Much Do Thread Lift Treatments Cost in Australia

Since a thread lift is much less invasive than an actual face lift, it also happens to be a more budget-friendly option for experiencing some facial rejuvenation.

A bit of research reveals a price range for a thread lift treatment in the $1,560 to over $3,680 dollars depending on what needs to be done. Common areas treated include the neck, cheeks, the lower cheek and jaw area.

When looking for a thread lift treatment, however, you should not opt for the most inexpensive offer. Instead, try to identify the best price to quality ratio. While less dangerous than surgical procedures, thread lifts could result in long-lasting negative consequences when not performed correctly.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Thread Lift Procedures

Determining whether this rejuvenation procedure is the right one for you will depend on understanding both the benefits and the shortcomings.

Some of the biggest advantages of getting the thread lift treatment include:

  • The procedure is quick and much less invasive than an actual facelift
  • You will not have to go under general anaesthesia to benefit from a thread lift treatment
  • The recovery time after the completion of the procedure will be minimal – there could be some initial redness and swelling but these will go away in a couple of days
  • A thread lift is less painful than an actual facelift (there will be minimal swelling and much less bruising than in the case of a surgical procedure)
  • This is a really versatile procedure that can be applied to various facial areas in need of rejuvenation, as well as the neck
  • There will be no big cuts

While all of this sounds great, there are still some shortcomings to keep in mind before choosing a thread lift:

  • This procedure will give you results that are temporary in nature (if you use absorbable threads, you will need to have the thread lift repeated every two years)
  • If you have very deep wrinkles or a lot of untreated sagging, you will not get a satisfactory result from a thread lift – it’s only good for the first signs of aging that you experience
  • You will still have to go through a recovery period, regardless of the fact there will be fewer unpleasant post-procedure effects
  • As you’ve seen from the previous section, a thread lift could still be costly.
  • Regardless of the use of local anaesthetics, some people will still experience pain during or after the procedure
  • Despite safety procedures, there’s a small risk of complications like bruising, breakage of threads, fever and inflammation


Post-Treatment Care

After the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising which normally settles within days but will vary among individuals.

  • Avoid excessive mouth movements such as biting into hamburgers or apples
  • Keep skin and hair clean
  • There may be some skin irregularities, such as divots or gathering, which will settle.

If you are concerned about the inevitable process of aging, a thread lift may be just the procedure you’ve been looking for. While it can give you good results, you shouldn’t expect miracles and you’ll also need to be prepared for both the advantages and risks of the procedure. Finding the right cosmetic doctor, discussing the possibilities and having all of your concerns addressed will help you rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.

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