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Be in shape by summer!
June 24,2019  |  Posted by: CMC

Be in shape by summer!

The trend for non-surgical body contouring is here to stay and truSculpt iD from Cutera enables personalised treatment for any shape or body type.

Interest in body contouring procedures is on the increase at a global level. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports a 24.7 per cent increase in non-surgical fat reduction treatments performed between 2016 and 2017.

What is truSculpt iD?

The revolutionary truSculpt iD is clinically proven to eliminate fat in as little as one 15-minute hands-free treatment. It uses mono-polar radiofrequency (RF) technology to target and permanently destroy fat. Clinical studies performed in the US have shown an average of 24% fat reduction.

The targeted fat cells are destroyed and flushed out naturally via the body’s drainage system over the following weeks. The technology targets the fat layer between the skin and the muscle, and it’s able to penetrate a variety of fat densities and all skin types. Special sensors continuously monitor the skin temperature to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure.

An initial evaluation is performed to frame the desired treatment areas. A total of six hand pieces may be used and each hand piece is gently applied using a piece of double sided tape and then wrapped around the body ensuring full contact. Patients have reported experiencing mild heat with an overall high level of comfort during treatment. Many patients comment it is a similar sensation to having a hot-stone massage.

95% of patients require only one treatment per area and as many as three areas can be treated in a single 15 minute session. The truSculptiD is suitable for all body shapes and types and has so much versatility when it comes to treatment areas. The most popular areas are the abdomen and the flanks,but the technology can also be used to treat trickier areas that are hard to lose fat from. Patients will see maximal results at 12 weeks.

The best time to have the procedure is at the beginning of winter so the results will be fully evident by the time the warmer weather is here.

For more information on truSculpt iD, call us now for a consultation.

Fact sheet for truSculpt iD

  • Clinically proven results
  • Suitable for patients of various sizes and skin types (including darker skins)
  • Can be used where tattoos are present
  • Can treat skin with laxity
  • 15 minute treatment cycles – works up to four times faster than other devices
  • Treats multiple areas simultaneously
  • An average of 24 per cent fat reduction
  • Visible results after one treatment
  • Flexible hands-free and hand-held treatment option→personalised treatments
  • No downtime
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