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Our goal is not to produce "obvious" results but to bring the face back into natural proportion and to refresh overall appearance.

As each face is unique,  a thorough consultation with a medical practitioner is essential to decide which treatment options are most suitable for your unique facial structure.



Bio-Remodelling promotes the production of collagen, elastin and adipose (fat) cells, to remodel the skin. The structure of the face is not changed with Bio Remodelling treatments, it works to …

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Hydration Treatment

The appearance of dehydration, poor skin quality, crepiness and loss of elasticity on the hands, neck, face and decolletage can be improved by hydrating treatments. Hyaluronic acid is a major …

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Lip Enhancement

Lips are a very important area of the face. With time, they shrink and turn inwards, develop wrinkles around them and become less defined. At The Cosmetic Medicine Centre in …

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Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment may be used to prevent frowning i.e. to stop the “corrugator” muscles from drawing the eyebrows together. It can also be used to reduce other overactive facial expressions …

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Volumising & Contouring

Volumising and contouring treatments can assist in restoring lost facial volume, resulting in a fuller, younger-looking face. Treatment may also be used if you are looking for improved facial contours, …

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Line Reduction

Many facial depressions can be elevated to make the skin surface smoother. Lines, wrinkles, folds and some scars can be improved. Horizontal forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, crows’ …

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