Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can achieve of range of results for different conditions. We offer many different laser treatments, each offering its own unique benefits.

The Cosmetic Medicine Centre has a range of lasers to treat a variety of conditions. A consultation with one of our consultants is necessary to ascertain the appropriate type of treatment for your concern.

CO2RE – CO2 Fractional Therapy

CO2RE is a fractional therapy CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation.  Your skin is treated with …

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted tattoos may be removed by using the PicoWay® laser, the latest advancement in laser …

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CO2RE® Intima

Falling hormone levels due to age (menopause), surgery, chemotherapy or breast-feeding may lead to a …

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Vascular (Blood Vessel) Laser

The pulsed dye laser is the gold standard for vascular lasers, and recent advances in …

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation: A Safe & Effective Way To Revitalise Your Skin IPL stands for …

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We have 3 types of resurfacing treatments, depending on the condition you wish to treat. …

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Pigment Laser

Freckles & pigment can be treated using Diolite laser or PicoWay® laser. Diolite Laser The Diolite …

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Hair Removal

Unwanted body or facial hair affects millions of women and men. A variety of methods …

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