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Unwanted tattoos may be removed by using the PicoWay® laser, the latest advancement in laser tattoo removal technology.

How does tattoo removal work?

The laser removes tattoo ink by using specific wavelengths of light energy that pass through the skin and are absorbed by the tattoo ink. The absorption of the light energy by the tattoo causes the ink to break up into tiny particles with which the body can then deal. By switching among the wavelengths, different colours of ink are targeted.

Which technology do you use for laser tattoo removal Brisbane?

At The Cosmetic Medicine Centre we use the PicoWay® device which is a picosecond laser designed for this purpose. It employs ultra-short pulses of extremely high energy which shatter the ink particles in the skin to produce smaller particles which can then be cleared by the body’s natural processes.

What colours can be treated?

Most colours can be treated with the PicoWay® laser, even difficult ink colours such as blue and green.

How many tattoo removal treatments are required and how often?
A number of treatments are required in order to effectively remove the tattoo. The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo will vary depending on the type of laser used as well as the tattoo itself. Professional tattoos may take from 3 to 10 treatments and sometimes more to resolve, whereas amateur tattoos may require 1 to 2 treatments. The treatment interval will vary with the area treated with most being done about 6 weeks apart.
Will my unwanted tattoo be removed permanently?
Most tattoos can be removed with sufficient treatment however some are more difficult than others.
What can you do to minimise discomfort during tattoo removal treatment?
The doctor may provide local anaesthesia into the area to help reduce the sensation of discomfort. Some treatments may be done after the application of numbing cream or with the assistance of a chilled air blower.
Are there any scars after a tattoo removal procedure?
Sometimes scarring has already been produced during the tattooing process itself and this will, of course, still be present after colour has been removed. Laser tattoo removal is the least likely of tattoo removal procedures to produce additional scarring but the way to minimise these chances is to ensure that additional trauma doesn’t occur to the area during the recovery phase.
What after care is recommended?
In most cases, the treated area will be covered with a dressing. There may be scabbing of the skin which usually flakes off within 2-weeks. Some areas will occasionally be superficially bruised or blistered and quite tender following treatment. Additional trauma to the area (usually clothing rubbing) and sun exposure should be avoided to reduce the risk of scar formation and colour variation of the skin.
Can I tattoo over the treated area?
Yes. Some people want to change their tattoos and once the initial tattoo has been sufficiently faded, a tattoo artist can tattoo over the area.
Why should I choose Cosmetic Medicine Centre for tattoo removal in Brisbane?
The Cosmetic Medicine Centre has been doing laser tattoo removal for over 25 years and uses picosecond technology. As a doctor does all the treatments, local anaesthesia may be used to reduce pain during the treatments and even treatments on eyelids can be done as all necessary protective shields and equipment are available.

What to expect during a consultation

  1. Consultations are personal and confidential.
  2. Depending on the treatment you are interested in we will ask you some questions to ensure that you are safe to proceed
  3. We discuss your areas of concern with you and advise you of the most appropriate treatments for you
  4. Our fully qualified staff will answer all of your questions and arrange with you, your personalised treatment plan
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