Decorative and cosmetic tattoos (e.g. eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos) may be regretted sooner or later. They may be removed by using the PicoWay® laser.

A local anaesthetic injection, anaesthetic cream or chilled air blower may be used to make the treatment more comfortable. A dressing is applied after the treatment if appropriate. A thin scab forms over the treated area and after this comes away, the colour continues to fade for several weeks.

Treatments are generally scheduled at least 6 weeks apart with the number of treatments required varying with the amount of pigment present. Most professional tattoos take 4-10 treatments to remove, with amateur tattoos requiring fewer treatments.

If white, light or cover-up cosmetic tattoos have been used to cover up tattoo “mistakes”, this usually increases the number of treatments required and these lighter tattoos will normally darken after laser treatment and require more sessions to fade them than the original dark tattoo.