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Tips to repair and strengthen your skin barrier
January 16,2024  |  Posted by: Kim

Tips to repair and strengthen your skin barrier

What is a skin barrier?  Also known as your moisture barrier, the skin barrier is the protective layer of the skin, which is the top layer – the stratum corneum.


Signs of a damaged barrier.  Signs may include dry or dehydrated skin, flaky and rough skin, taut and tight skin, sensitivity, skin irritation and itchiness.


Tips to repair and strengthen your skin barrier

Cut back on exfoliating – both physical (scrubs) and chemical (AHAs and BHAs).  While exfoliating is great for cell turnover, it isn’t meant to be a daily treatment.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Invest in a good moisturiser and serum.  Look for products that have ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, ceramides, fatty acids (linoleic acid) and squalene.

Limit sun exposure and always use sunscreen.

Don’t over wash your skin – use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any skin stripping ingredients like alcohol or witch hazel.

Limit stress and get adequate sleep – often easier said than done!

Book a series of LED sessions – Red and near-infrared light helps to reduce inflammation, increase hydration levels, and accelerate healing to improve skin barrier function and overall skin health.

Have patience – repairing and strengthening your skin barrier takes time!


If you are experiencing signs of a damaged barrier, seek professional advice by booking a consultation with one of our experienced clinicians.





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