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Tattoo Removal in a Flash with PicoWay
December 02,2015  |  Posted by: CMC

Tattoo Removal in a Flash with PicoWay

In Australia approximately one in 10 people have had a tattoo at some point in their lives – and around 34 percent regret their decision.

Once upon a time, tattooing was considered a permanent and irreversible undertaking. Now, with the introduction of new technologies, tattoo removal has become highly sought-after and impressively effective. One such cutting edge technology is the PicoWay device, which uses a picosecond laser.

The latest innovation in tattoo removal technology uses lasers with a drastically shorter pulse width. This incurs a different, more effective, reaction in the skin, where the ink particles fragment and disperse before being flushed from the body. The shorter pulse width causes less trauma to the surrounding skin compared with other laser removal systems, and is more effective in shifting those difficult, lighter ink shades. 

How does PicoWay work?

PicoWay incorporates pulse durations measured in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second) to generate an ultra-short pulse and very high peak power of laser energy on the skin.

These ultra-short pulses deliver a “shattering” effect on the ink, breaking the ink down into tiny dust-like particles which are then easily eliminated from the body. Several sessions are required to completely clear a tattoo – but significantly less than with previous technologies and with reduced risk of scarring.

All types of tattoo colours can be treated: red, yellow and orange, as well as the tougher-to-treat black, brown, green, blue and purple.

As with any laser treatment, always ensure your practitioner is highly experienced and skilled to avoid unnecessary risks and complications.

From changing employment to romantic milestones and entering a new phase of life, people seek tattoo removal for a number of reasons. Advancements in tattoo removal, such as with PicoWay, grant new hope to people who had previously given up on an ink-free body. Tattoo removal can now be achieved with fewer treatments, less reaction and more effective results.  

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