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June 15,2022  |  Posted by: CMC

Meet Derma V, the latest technology for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular lesions

After years in the making, Lutronic, a global leader in energy-based devices for medical aesthetics, has released the groundbreaking Derma V laser– and we’re excited to offer it at the Cosmetic Medicine Centre.

What makes Derma V stand out is its ability to treat the most common cosmetic skin concerns – vascular (redness), pigment (melanin) and rejuvenation (skin ageing) – in a single, powerful technology. The versatility of Derma V’s wavelength and laser delivery method makes it one of the most effective and least painful lasers available. Using a sophisticated cooling technology, the treatment offers maximum protection for the skin while providing a numbing effect.


Derma V: powerful technology for powerful results

This technology has over three times more power than similar lasers of its kind, which dramatically increases the range of possible treatments, speed of treatment and results, compared to similar lasers of the past. Derma V offers fast and comfortable treatment with an excellent safety profile – allowing it to effectively treat broken blood vessels, redness, sun spots and pigmentation, uneven skin tone and birthmarks, including port wine stains, all over the body for most skin types.

With the new Derma V laser, unwanted vascular and pigmented lesions don’t stand a chance!

You can learn more about how Derma V works here.

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