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Temple treatment: The hidden secret to enhancing your face
April 14,2022  |  Posted by: Kim

Temple treatment: The hidden secret to enhancing your face


If you’ve looked at yourself and thought something has changed but haven’t quite been able to put your finger on what, it may be your temples!


About temples

Your temples lie at the side of your face, just behind your eyes, between the forehead and the ear.  They help to define and shape a youthful appearance when they are full.  As you age, your temple area loses volume, resulting in a hollowing effect.  The more apparent this becomes the more emphasized the skull shape is underneath, resulting in what is sometimes described as a “peanut effect”, a wide forehead, narrow temples, and narrow cheeks.  The ends of our eyebrows sometimes also get “lost” in the hollow.


How treatment can help

Although it might be hard for you to pinpoint exactly what about your face has changed, a skilled practitioner will spot this volume loss and suggest appropriate treatment in the temporal region.  Treatment can fill the hollow areas and replace lost volume.  This will help to improve the balance of your overall face shape and provide a more youthful appearance.  Most cannot believe just how much of a difference treatment can make!


Are there any side effects and how long does it last?

There may be some slight swelling following your procedure that generally resolves in a few days, and some patients reported having a headache.  However, most patients report little to no downtime following their temple procedure.

The results usually last up to twelve months, or more, depending on your age, lifestyle and the amount and type of treatment employed.


Your doctor may also recommend treatment in other areas of your face such as the cheeks or under-eye area, which also similarly lose volume as you age.  To schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors, contact us today.

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