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March 22,2017  |  Posted by: CMC

The treatments for great skin at any age

Tailored skin treatments and subtle cosmetic intervention can help you look your best at every age.

As we age, the accumulated effects of free radical damage and the normal wear and tear of cellular life begin to take their toll. Here is a decadal breakdown of some common indicators of ageing – and how to stay ahead of the ageing game.

In your 20s

Accumulated sun damage can begin to show on the face, and there is a mild drop in dermal repair, the immune system and collagen synthesis. These changes can appear as fine lines and an increase in pore size. Muscles also start to lose fullness and firmness due to shrinkage of muscle fibres.

Regular exfoliation and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, as well as incorporating gentle cosmeceuticals into your skincare regimen will all help keep premature signs of ageing at bay and skin at optimum health and beauty.

Most cosmetic treatments for people in their 20s are non-surgical and most commonly involve anti-wrinkle injections (muscle relaxants) artfully placed to shape and contour the face.

Fillers are also used to contour, reshape and augment facial features such as the nose, lips and cheeks.

In your 30s

More fine lines are evident around the eyes and mouth and the first wrinkles start to appear (often referred to as photodamage). There is a moderate decrease in dermal repair, resulting in less collagen and some loss of elasticity. There is also a significant drop in skin hydration, and the skin’s natural process of exfoliation begins to slow.

Pigmentation may start to appear producing spotty or patchy discolourations.

It’s around this time that you may be considering anti-wrinkle injections to reduce frown and laugh lines and as a preventative method for future wrinkle formation. Small quantities are injected into several locations on the face such as the forehead and crow’s feet area at the corners of the eyes, reducing nerve stimulation and therefore etched facial lines.

Fillers can also be used to resculpt and add volume to the cheek area, add definition to lips and fill deeper lines. These are injected into specific areas of the face to smooth lines and wrinkles or to add volume. There are many different fillers available, ranging in longevity, composition and viscosity.

Some formulas can be injected close to the skin’s surface to correct fine lines while others are used in the deeper layers of the face to build contours, especially in the cheek area.

Fractional energy-based devices are excellent for sun damaged skin, wrinkles, acne scarring and improving overall skin texture.

Fractional treatment involves removing microscopic columns of skin while leaving surrounding areas intact to promote rapid recovery and healing. The small areas treated by the fractional microbeams, called microtreatment zones, cause sufficient injury deep in the dermis to promote new collagen production, resulting in significant skin rejuvenation.

In your 40s and beyond

As the sebaceous glands in the skin cut back production and supportive fibres grow less elastic, skin becomes drier, thinner and more inclined to wrinkle. Signs of photodamage are more visible: freckles, pigmentation, discolouration and changes in skin colour, making your complexion lose its glow.

The gradual loss of collagen becomes more apparent in the deep furrows and frown lines of 40+ skin. Unlike collagen that depletes due to lifestyle factors, such as sun exposure and smoking, there is little that can prevent the loss of elasticity that comes from natural ageing.

By the age of 50, collagen breakdown becomes even more noticeable, with wrinkles appearing at the corners of the mouth and skin becoming loose and hollow in the cheeks, jowls and neck. Skin tone becomes more irregular, and thinning skin starts to lose its natural protective barrier and becomes more susceptible to environmental factors.

There are many non-surgical options to help promote the production of new collagen. These include fractional energy-based device treatments and Ultherapy, which is an ultrasound energy treatment to lift and tighten the skin.

Dermal fillers work well in the 40s to replenish volume and boost collagen production. Skin booster injections add valuable hydration to the skin as well.

Muscle relaxants and fillers continue to be very effective in this age group, and can be combined to replace lost volume in deflated cheeks, thinning lips and softening the lines around the mouth.

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