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Tixel® is a thermo-mechanical heat device used for improving skin texture and firmness. Instead of using lasers, light beams or radio-frequency current, it directly applies a very hot, specially-shaped plate to the skin’s surface for a fraction of a second.

The Tixel® titanium plate has multiple blunt pyramidal projections which contact the surface of the skin for a controlled period of time. The longer it contacts the skin and the stronger the application, the greater the effect on the skin.

The Tixel® device is versatile and has the ability to treat many different indications, including:

Dry Eye Treatment

  • Usually there is very little to see after the procedure. There may be some minor, short-term pinkness on your eyelids near the eyelash line and a warm feeling.
  • You may experience some minor, temporary blurring of vision due to an increase in the amount and quality of your tears.
  • The skin around the eye is thin, therefore there is the potential for some swelling to the treatment area.
  • Most patients will have 3 or 4 treatments 2 – 4 weeks apart. Future maintenance treatments will be required with the timing varying with severity of the condition.

Open Channel Treatment

  • This is a very low intensity treatment designed to facilitate entry of selected serums into the skin. Only use serums which have been selected for you by your treating practitioner.
  • A mild degree of pinkness will occur after the treatment with some tiny dots being barely discernible on the skin’s surface. An appropriate serum will be applied immediately after the treatment and, if suitable, may be reapplied hourly until six hours afterwards.

Cosmetic Treatment

  • Tixel is good for firming and tightening the skin as well as reducing lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen.
  • There will be some redness to the treated skin and minor swelling which usually settles quickly, within days. Makeup or a tinted soothing cream may be worn the following day.

Resurfacing Treatment

  • This is a stronger treatment and will involve a longer period of redness, heat and swelling which may require some emollient balms to be used for a few days post-procedure.

Tixel® FAQ’s

Is Tixel® safe?
Tixel is appropriate for use on most skin types.

It is not suitable, however, for women who are pregnant or those who have tanned their skin in the last 4-weeks.

As with all treatments, you should speak to your practitioner about your complete medical and skin history.

How many Tixel® treatments will I need?
Typically, a course of 3-5 treatments (4-6 weeks apart) is recommended, but it is dependant on the treatment mode and individual skin concerns.
How long does a Tixel® treatment take?
This depends on the area being treated but is usually between 15-minutes and 1-hour.
Is Pain Relief required?
The area may be slightly numbed for 30-minutes prior to your treatment, for comfort.
What is the expected recovery with Tixel® treatment?
Recovery varies with the intensity of the treatment but some swelling, redness and a mild sunburn sensation can be expected in the hours following your treatment.

A light treatment may only have downtime for 1-day, whereas a heavier treatment may produce redness and micro-crusting for up to a week.

Eyelid treatment may leave the eyes slightly swollen for a few days.

What aftercare is required?

Micro-channels in the skin will be open for 6 hours following your treatment. This is an opportune time to infuse selected serums into the skin to provide greater penetration of active ingredients, help to decrease redness and speed up recovery of the skin and augment results.  Your clinician will guide you on serum products that are suitable to use after your treatment. These can be applied hourly for 6 hours following your treatment.

It is important to follow the after-care instructions, provided by your clinician.  Makeup, if required, may be applied the day after your treatment.  We recommend mineral-based or Oxygenetix foundation as it has been designed to heal and protect your skin while it recovers.  Of course, broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential!

How long with the results last?
Results from collagen production and skin remodelling will continue over the next few months, with results lasting 1-2 years, depending on your genetics and lifestyle.

Depending on the condition of your skin and your goals, your practitioner may recommend repeating the Tixel® treatment every 12-18 months.

For patients with dry-eye symptoms, most will require repeat treatment yearly, but this will vary according to individual symptoms.

What to expect during a consultation

  1. Consultations are personal and confidential.
  2. Depending on the treatment you are interested in we will ask you some questions to ensure that you are safe to proceed
  3. We discuss your areas of concern with you and advise you of the most appropriate treatments for you
  4. Our fully qualified staff will answer all of your questions and arrange with you, your personalised treatment plan
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