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Skin Tyte ™

Skin Tyte™ is a treatment using Broad Band Light (BBL) to stimulate, firm and smooth lax skin.  It can be done as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a BBL treatment to improve dyspigmentation, be it red or brown.

What to expect during the treatment

During the treatment, the handpiece will be moved continuously over an area, creating heat.  There will be lots of fast flashes of light, so you will be wearing either glasses or eye shields, depending on the area treated.  As the handpiece is moved, the treated area will become hot, so the operator will move to a nearby area to do the same process before coming back to the first area and this is repeated a number of times.

The treated area will also look reddened, but this will settle quickly after the treatment finishes.  Many notice an immediate improvement, but the long-term improvement occurs over time

What to expect following the treatment

After treatment, the area will look reddened but this usually settles as the area cools.  If the Skin Tyte treatment is combined with BBL for dyspigmentation, there may be some darkening of skin spots which will then flake away over a week or two.  From the Skin Tyte itself, there is usually little to see other than the skin looking smoother.  Routine skin care is continued as normal and sun protection is important to minimize new damage and ageing of the area.

Am I a good candidate?

Those who have skin-only laxity are the best candidates as the BBL will not reach to deeper structures, so is not suitable for those with heavy jowls, thick folds or double chins.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients will continue with maintenance treatments after initially having a series of two or three treatments.  These maintenance treatments are usually two to three a year.

What to expect during a consultation

  1. Consultations are personal and confidential.
  2. Depending on the treatment you are interested in we will ask you some questions to ensure that you are safe to proceed
  3. We discuss your areas of concern with you and advise you of the most appropriate treatments for you
  4. Our fully qualified staff will answer all of your questions and arrange with you, your treatment plan
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