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Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, affects about 1% of the population. This is usually noticed in the armpits and palms.

It affects both males and females, usually starts in teenage years or early adulthood and may run in some families. Although antiperspirants can help most people control wetness and odour in these areas, for some, the continual stream of sweat is embarrassing and quite debilitating. Job and lifestyle limitation can be quite dramatic if shirts need to be changed five times a day!

Injectable anti-sweating therapy

This therapy has been very successful in controlling sweating from these localized areas and lasts an average of just under 8 months. Sweating may continue at a more “normal” rate for months after this until further treatment is required.

How does it work?

Treatment involves employing the same substance used to relax overactive muscles of facial expression or spasming muscles in medical conditions such as cerebral palsy. These injections stop the activity of the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands thereby reducing the wetness and odour which would otherwise result.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment itself takes 5 to 10 minutes and does not involve down time.

How effective is it?

After a few days, most will begin to notice the reduction in sweating which increases over 2 weeks or so and lasts a number of months. For many, there is no sweating in the treated area at all, for others there is a marked reduction with the residual amount easily managed with antiperspirants. Future injection sessions may be scheduled as needed with most needing injections once a year although some will need this more or less frequently.

Some people who do not sweat excessively but are sensitive to antiperspirants, dislike the effect of sweat or antiperspirants on their clothing, or just don’t like to sweat may also avail themselves of this treatment.

For those who wish a more permanent effect on under-arm sweating, miraDry® treatment may also be considered.

What to expect during a consultation

  1. Consultations are personal and confidential.
  2. Depending on the treatment you are interested in we will ask you some questions to ensure that you are safe to proceed
  3. We discuss your areas of concern with you and advise you of the most appropriate treatments for you
  4. Our fully qualified staff will answer all of your questions and arrange with you, your treatment plan