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Injection Lipolysis is a procedure where a substance is injected directly into undesired fat deposits. This active substance is a natural compound made from soybean along with an enzyme for breaking down fat. The body uses these substances especially in the field of fat metabolism.

What areas can be treated?

Lipolysis injections initiate a process during which fat is dissolved and then eliminated from the body via the metabolic process. Areas that can be treated by lipolysis include double chin, jowls and other areas which are usually fairly small and localized.  Larger areas are better treated with procedures such as truSculpt® iD or CoolSculpting™.

How many treatments are required and how often?

As a rule 2-4 treatments in intervals of 8 weeks are necessary to finish the therapy with success, depending on the size of the fat deposit.

Are there any side-effects?

Some temporary side-effects after treatment include: redness, swelling, bruising and muscle ache-like discomfort.

What to expect during a consultation

  1. Consultations are personal and confidential.
  2. Depending on the treatment you are interested in we will ask you some questions to ensure that you are safe to proceed
  3. We discuss your areas of concern with you and advise you of the most appropriate treatments for you
  4. Our fully qualified staff will answer all of your questions and arrange with you, your treatment plan
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