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Beauty Booster – the new skin hydrating treatment

The Beauty Booster is a new skincare concept that has recently been launched in Australia. Like an Instagram filter in real-life, these skin-boosting treatments reveal visibly hydrated and rejuvenated skin. What is Beauty Booster? The Beauty Booster is a breakthrough concept in treating ageing, dull and tired-looking skin. It involves a series of micro-injections of […]

The treatment for visibly better skin

A clear and radiant complexion with even skin tone is a timeless marker of beauty and attraction, no matter our age. Plump, healthy skin reflects light more uniformly, resulting in a homogeneous, more even complexion that appears to glow. Unfortunately, it’s typically our skin that is the first to outwardly declare the signs of ageing, […]

Smoother, younger looking skin with IPL

Sun spots, freckles, redness, dryness and blotchy complexions are all unflattering reminders of a long hot summer.   The sun is the skin’s worst enemy. Too much exposure to the harsh Australian sun can result in uneven pigmentation and increase the visibility of pores, surface blemishes, veins and broken capillaries – not only on the […]