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Clear & smooth: how to treat spider veins and broken capillaries

Vascular lesions –­ including broken capillaries (telangiectasias), “spider veins” on the face or port-wine stain birthmarks ­– are all skin lesions that have an abnormal number and/or size of blood vessels. Undesirable vascular changes are often a result of sun damage and chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and can detract from an otherwise smooth […]

Smoother, younger looking skin with IPL

Sun spots, freckles, redness, dryness and blotchy complexions are all unflattering reminders of a long hot summer.   The sun is the skin’s worst enemy. Too much exposure to the harsh Australian sun can result in uneven pigmentation and increase the visibility of pores, surface blemishes, veins and broken capillaries – not only on the […]