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October 09,2017  |  Posted by: CMC

Restore your complexion with skin resurfacing

The skin is constantly exposed to toxins, pollution and the harsh Australian sun, often resulting in dark spots, wrinkles and lines. Of course, the more we age, the more our skin loses its elasticity, smoothness and tone.

If this sounds familiar, skin resurfacing may be the solution to help your skin look younger and healthier.

Skin resurfacing is a popular treatment to reverse the effects of sun exposure, ageing and lifestyle habits on the quality, colour and texture of the skin. The procedure works by precisely removing portions of skin, to reveal younger, healthier-looking newly-grown skin.

Matrix RF is the latest advancement in this space, using radiofrequency energy to target damaged skin and improve the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and acne scarring.

What can you expect?

Matrix RF creates tiny ‘spots’ (highly controlled wounds) in the upper layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen growth deeper in the skin and new healthy skin cells. The skin surrounding the damaged cells initiates a rapid healing process, leading to smoother skin texture.

The procedure is generally quite comfortable, however some may require anaesthesia before treatment, or require the use of a chilled air blower throughout the procedure.

Generally downtime is quite minimal and you can expect some mild redness and light swelling. The redness and swelling generally subsides after a few days. The treated area may feel rough to touch as the pixels of dead skin are shed.

Results are gradual and will continue to improve and develop over the coming months, as new collagen is created. Multiple sessions achieve the best results in reduction of wrinkles, skin laxity, textural irregularities and scarring.

Interested in a Matrix RF treatment?

If you’re interested in removing sun damage, age spots, acne scarring or improving the overall texture and tone of your complexion, Matrix RF could be the solution for you. With minimal to no downtime, this is an in-clinic treatment that offers you effective, long lasting results.

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