Nectifirm® ADVANCED

Nectifirm® ADVANCED is exclusively designed to target moderate to advanced signs of ageing for the neck and décolletage area.

A potent blend of peptides, proteins and pioneering ingredients help to:

  • lessen the look of lines and wrinkles by strengthening the dermal-epidermal junction,
  • naturally brighten skin tone by working with the skin’s own microbiome,
  • enhance the skin’s own antioxidant system and
  • provide a lifting effect.


Nectifirm® Advanced is suitable for all skin-types. For best results use twice daily.




Why do I need a neck cream?  Can’t I use my face moisturiser?

The neck ages differently to the skin on your face and therefore requires its own unique, topical anti-ageing technology.  Facial moisturisers will only provide minimal benefits and anti-ageing results to the neck.

Nectifirm® Advanced is a new generation of anti-ageing technology designed specifically for the neck and décolletage.

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