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September 12,2017  |  Posted by: CMC

The latest technology in tattoo removal

Unwanted tattoos? Until now, tattoos were a lifetime commitment and, regrettable or not, the design was there to stay. However, thanks to advancements in tattoo removal technology, those decisions don’t have to be so permanent.

One breakthrough laser technology on our radar is the PicoWay device. This unique treatment uses picosecond laser to deliver superior results in tattoo removal, with fewer treatments.

These latest advancements in laser technology deliver more energy, in a shorter period of time, without damaging the surrounding skin. Treatments such as PicoWay are more effective in breaking up the tattoo particles – like breaking boulders into sand grains – which helps the body’s immune system remove the particles more easily.

How does it work?

PicoWay works by delivering ultra-short pulses of energy that pass through the skin and are absorbed by the tattoo ink. The absorption of the light energy by the tattoo causes a “shattering” effect on the ink, breaking it down to tiny particles, which are then eliminated from the body.

It uses a pulse length of one trillionth of a second – called a picosecond. This pulse is 100 times shorter than that used in previous technology and causes a different, more effective reaction in the skin.

All types of tattoo colours can be targeted – even the tougher black, brown, green, blue and purple colours.

How many treatments are required?

In order to completely clear a tattoo, generally a series of treatments (usually 6 weeks apart) is recommended for optimal results. However the number of sessions is significantly less than with previous technologies and with reduced risk of scarring.

As with any laser treatment, it is essential that your practitioner is highly experienced in order to avoid any unnecessary risks and complications.

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