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November 07,2018  |  Posted by: CMC

Not-so-secret women’s business

Even though the conversation about women’s sexual health is trending and there is an increasing demand for new treatment possibilities, it is still often considered a taboo subject.

While vaginal atrophy is not uncommon – a whopping 45% of women suffer from it – for quite some time it has been one of the most dramatically underserved sectors in women’s health and wellness.

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy include incontinence, itching, laxity, dryness and pain during intercourse. While these are common, many women are shy to discuss their concerns with anyone, including their medical practitioner.

We treat all enquiries with respect and discretion. These issues, while sensitive, are an important part of a woman’s health and wellbeing. Any treatment that takes place in the vagina has to be first and foremost functional, as well as minimally invasive and with no down time.

We are seeing excellent results with the CO2RE® Intima, a medical laser that delivers controlled CO2 energy to the tissue. CO2 lasers have been proven to remodel tissue with neo-formation of collagen and elastic fibres in atrophic skin.

How does the CO2RE® Intima work internally?

Laser energy is delivered through a tube, which is attached to a hygienic, single-use laser hand piece that is inserted into the vaginal canal. The laser energy is gently delivered to the vaginal wall in a 360-degree manner, stimulating a healing response that enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal and results in the remodelling of the vaginal tissue fibres, thereby restoring their flexibility and shape. Treatment time is typically less than five minutes, with no downtime.

How does the CO2RE® Intima work externally?

The hygienic, single-use external hand piece comes into contact with the area of skin needing treatment and delivers gentle laser energy, which results in remodelling of labial and vulvar tissue fibres, restoring flexibility and shape. The treatment can also address dyschromia and skin pigmentation resulting in improved texture and tone.

The CO2RE® Intima can address the individual concerns of women across all age groups. Most patients feel and see improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments. After the third treatment, patients should expect to come back annually for a maintenance procedure.

Whether you would like to relieve specific symptoms of vaginal atrophy or are just seeking a rejuvenation effect, the CO2RE® Intima may offer the solution you’ve been seeking.

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