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December 03,2014  |  Posted by: cmc-dashboard

How to Erase Stress from Your Brow

When people visit us at The Cosmetic Medicine Centre in Brisbane, we sometimes see in their faces how stressed they are. Even when they’re smiling, they have

  • Horizontal lines etched into the forehead
  • Furrows above the nose and between the eyebrows

You, too? Then you’ll definitely want to read today’s post that details ways you can de-stress your brow with some simple cosmetic treatments.

Dermal Fillers to Relieve Stress Wrinkles

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected to plump up an area, giving a younger and more hydrated look. When injected near the brows or at the forehead, dermal fillers can smooth the appearance of unwanted wrinkles caused by stress, giving you an altogether more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Cosmetic injectables like these are ideal for erasing horizontal forehead lines, vertical brow lines, and other signs of stress that may be ageing your face.

Facial fillers have become one of the most popular treatments in Australia at cosmetic practices like The Cosmetic Medicine Centre. They are extremely effective and have a safe profile compared with surgical procedures.

Don’t Stress, Cosmetic Injectables are Scientifically Backed

Patients at The Cosmetic Medicine Centre also get great results with injections of neuromuscular blockers, also known as muscle relaxing injections.

These drugs simply interrupt the signals between your nerves and your muscles, which prevents target muscles from contracting. Instead of concentration or frustration causing a furrowed brow, treated facial muscles remain unaffected by your emotions. Without a signal to tell it to do so, the muscle doesn’t contract or form visible lines in the face.

It’s important to know that facial nerves and muscles are unharmed. It’s only the connecting point that’s blocked. The muscle will regain function once it develops new receptor sites, bypassing the blocked sites. This usually takes 3-6 months.

The ageing face can usually benefit from both treatment modalities to maintain a youthful, full look without reinventing fundamental facial appearance.

If visible signs of ageing and stress on your face bother you, we invite you to contact The Cosmetic Medicine Centre and schedule a consultation with our skilled and caring staff.

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