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October 15,2018  |  Posted by: CMC

Don’t sweat it – breeze through summer

While sweating is essential to survival and has many health benefits, for some people it is possible to suffer from ‘too much of a good thing’!

Your body releases sweat to help regulate temperature and prevent you from overheating. Sweat also helps to eliminate toxins, supports proper immune function and cleans your pores.

You have two different types of sweat glands: eccrine sweat glands, which are distributed over your entire body, and apocrine sweat glands, located on your scalp, armpits, and genital area.

However, more than 650,000 Australians suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating, mainly in the underarm (axillary) region. Unfortunately, apart from feeling uncomfortable, the effects are often obvious with wet patches on clothing being the main complaint. This can cause embarrassment and stress and may even contribute to more sweating.

As a result, more and more people are turning to their doctors for help. We recommend miraDry – the latest treatment for hyperhidrosis – that provides a lasting, non-surgical result.

Mode of Action

miraDry is the first and only TGA-registered device for use in the underarm area (axillae) for treating excessive underarm sweat.

It is performed in-clinic and is a non-surgical treatment that uses microwave-based technology, targeted at the depth of the large sweat glands in the axilla. The controlled microwave energy then radiates and destroys the targeted sweat glands.

We are born with between 2 million and 4 million sweat glands in our bodies. Each miraDry treatment destroys 22,000 to 30,000 underarm sweat glands, reducing sweat volume by an average of 82 per cent. The procedure is long-lasting and is suitable for all skin types. The majority of patients only require one treatment.

There is no downtime afterwards, however we recommend heavy exercise should be avoided for 72 hours and to avoid tight clothing around the armpits.

Another plus is miraDry isn’t just for hyperhidrosis sufferers – anyone bothered by underarm sweating, odour, is sensitive to antiperspirants or just wants to avoid the embarrassment of sweat patches is suitable.

If you have your treatment now or in the next few months, you will be ready to breeze through summer, comfortable and dry.

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