Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair growth can occur for reasons such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, having high levels of androgens, genetic predisposition, or as a result of using certain medications which may alter the hormonal balance such as testosterone.

Whether the hair be growing to excess in areas where it normally shouldn’t, or whether it’s just inconvenient to have it where it is, it can usually be reduced with laser hair removal.  Lasers will always work best where there is colour in the hair root and less colour in the skin so the “lucky” people are those with dark hair and fair skin.  Other colour combinations may need more treatments.   Those with no colour in  their hair may wish to use other forms of treatment.

The hair root must be present for the treatment to have a target on which to work, so, although the hairs needn’t be long, they must be present, therefore avoid plucking and waxing prior to treatment but shaving and trimming are quite acceptable.