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January 05,2015  |  Posted by: CMC

How to Choose a Cosmetic Practitioner

New Year resolutions to “look better” and “invest in me more” are common goals after the festive season – and lead many people to contemplate cosmetic enhancement.

In the past 20 years or so, advancements in the cosmetic industry have created a popular, less-aggressive breed of cosmetic enhancement for those who aren’t ready, or don’t need to, go ‘under the knife’. Non-surgical alternatives to facial rejuvenation are being requested more and more, so much so they are becoming regular treatments for many women and men, alongside facials and other mainstream beauty treatments.

It should be noted, however, that any cosmetic enhancement procedure should not be taken lightly. Although non-surgical procedures might not seem as extreme as surgery, it is important to be educated in exactly what the procedure involves, including the associated risks and likelihood of your expected results, and for all procedures to be performed by an experienced and skilled practitioner.

One of the most important decisions when deciding to have a cosmetic procedure is your choice of doctor. You should choose a doctor based on the doctor’s relevant education, training, experience and proven competence with respect to the specific procedure you are considering.

Both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures should only be performed by an appropriately trained doctor. The combination of training, experience and judgment the practitioner brings to your case strongly affects the outcome of your procedure. You should also feel comfortable enough with your doctor to express your concerns and desired results.

Find out what training the doctor has and whether it is in the field you are considering. Certification by the appropriate medical board or college tells you that your doctor has met additional requirements for continuing education and experience in cosmetic medicine or surgery. You should also have a good rapport with your chosen practitioner, and feel comfortable talking about your motivations, concerns and expectations.

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