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Vbeam Prima: Latest technology for treating vascular skin conditions

The Cosmetic Medicine Centre has recently acquired the latest technology for treating vascular and pigmented skin conditions – the Vbeam Prima.

Relax and look more youthful

Anti-wrinkle injections are still the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure, according to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

CoolSculpting offers an easier way to get into shape

New Year’s resolutions always include not spending too much money, being more healthy and getting into shape. The first two you’ll have to manage on your own, but there’s good news about getting into shape and it’s called Coolsculpting™. Until now, there was no easy way to lose unwanted fat, especially from those difficult to target […]

Reveal glowing skin with CO2RE fractional resurfacing

Since our face is always on show, our skin is often the first thing others notice about us. Nobody wants dull, tired or clogged skin and a glowing complexion is considered attractive and a sign of health and youthfulness.

Not-so-secret women’s business

Even though the conversation about women’s sexual health is trending and there is an increasing demand for new treatment possibilities, it is still often considered a taboo subject.

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