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The latest technology in tattoo removal

September 12,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

Unwanted tattoos? Until now, tattoos were a lifetime commitment and, regrettable or not, the design was there to stay. However, …

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The treatment that stops excess sweating

August 02,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

Summer is just around the corner, bringing longer days and warmer weather. But if you’re one of the 650,000+ Australians …

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Get a head start on summer with Coolsculpting

July 14,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

A frustration for anyone conscious of maintaining a healthy weight through balanced diet and regular exercise are those pesky fat …

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Top 5 most popular non-surgical procedures

June 20,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

These days, looking as young as you feel has never been easier. Advancements in cosmetic medicine have created a whole …

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The A, B, Cs of skincare

May 11,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

Vitamins and minerals are important not only for your general health – they also play an essential role in skin …

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The new all-in-one skin treatment

April 20,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

There’s a new way to treat pigmentation and age spots, uneven, sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles and skin irregularities. …

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The treatments for great skin at any age

March 22,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

Tailored skin treatments and subtle cosmetic intervention can help you look your best at every age. As we age, the …

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The treatment transforming women’s lives

February 16,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

MonaLisa Touch is a surgery-free laser treatment offering a solution to vaginal atrophy. While you may not be familiar with …

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Smoothing the way with laser hair removal

January 06,2017 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

The pursuit of a hair-free body is believed to date back to our earliest ancestors. Archaeologists have found evidence that …

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Beauty Booster – the new skin hydrating treatment

December 13,2016 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

The Beauty Booster is a new skincare concept that has recently been launched in Australia. Like an Instagram filter in …

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Goodbye sweat, hello miraDry!

November 29,2016 | Posted by: Kim

Every once in a while a technology is developed that signals a real breakthrough. miraDry is trailblazing the market as …

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Lids By Design – the instant temporary eye lift

October 05,2016 | Posted by: Erin Docherty

Do you have hooded, sagging or tired-looking eyes? Do you want an eyelid lift but don’t want the surgery or …

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